Our certificates

Trust is the basis for successful collaboration when handling your used hardware. And we can give you good reasons for trusting us, one of them being that we have been certified by SGS, the leading inspection company.

Our aim is to not just to meet standards but to exceed them. Our certifications give us the framework for realising our vision of being a sustainable, eco-friendly and customer-focused company. That is why we not only go through the certification procedure but also put these standards into practice and strive to exceed ourselves year on year.

Not all standards and certifications are directly related to handling your hardware – but we are convinced that we can only achieve the best result for you if our entire company observes strict rules and structures.


The environmental management standard EMAS aims to review all actions of a company with regard to their environmental compatibility and encourages consistent improvement. EMAS extends the requirements of ISO 14001. You can find our environmental statement here (German).


Environmental protection can only be successful if we think about it in all our decisions and processes. This includes making thorough use of energy-saving technology and lighting that switches off automatically. We also use green cleaning products throughout our entire operation and benefit from solar power. We have already realised the paperless office.

We also take a green approach to logistics. We will liaise with you to optimise the collection of your IT equipment, ensure sustainable use of packing materials and minimise the number of journeys required.



The ISO 9001 standard covers quality assurance. We have introduced a comprehensive system that assures quality in our entire operation and is designed to achieve constant optimisation of all our processes.


Our premise is plan–do–check–act, whereby our main focus is on customer satisfaction and security in our remarketing process.

Your benefit: all our processes are subjected to constant scrutiny and improvement to ensure that you get the best service at fair conditions. Dies bietet Ihnen den besten Service zu fairen Konditionen.



Our commitment to data protection and data security extends not only to your data but also to our entire enterprise. Wir fühlen uns als gesamtes Unternehmen der Datensicherheit verpflichtet.

ISO/IEC 27001 is the international standard for information security management systems it is the most comprehensive and strictest security certification. This certification covers the implementation of security concepts affecting all aspects of our enterprise – not just remarketing.


We subject our concepts to constant scrutiny, inspection and improvement. Our software, premises and staff undergo regular penetration tests designed to reveal vulnerabilities before they become the target of an attack.

Furthermore, our in-house software solutions are safeguarded against unauthorised access. A login to our DELPHI portal is only possible with secure two-factor authentication, thus providing a further element in the all-round protection we are able to offer your company.

Our security systems include not only digital but also physical protection. Restricted access is in place throughout our premises, which are equipped with high security doors as well as high quality security fences. Video surveillance adds an extra layer of security.

Your benefit: we will not only protect your hardware and company data throughout the entire remarketing process but also your order data.



Our ISO 45001 certification documents our commitment to good working conditions. A sustainable company concept should not only focus on the environment but also on the firm’s own staff. That is why our employees’ health and safety is an important part of our company philosophy.


Preventive measures to ensure the health of our employees are especially important in our storage facility and when handling goods. That is why these aspects were taken into account in the design of our location.

Our location is equipped with sophisticated technical systems such as automatic lighting concepts and ceiling heating/cooling systems that always ensure a perfect working environment. Furthermore, our employees benefit from regular check-ups and workplace assessments carried out by our company doctor.

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