Destruction of
storage media

Using resources for as long as possible is an important aspect in protecting the environment. However, as far as storage media are concerned, this is not always possible – because protecting your company is the top priority. To ensure you get the protection you require, under certain preconditions our process also resorts to the destruction of storage media as an alternative to data erasure.

When is it necessary to destroy storage media?

  • When storage media are defective or faulty
  • When complete data erasure cannot be guaranteed
  • When required by data protection or security regulations

What is so special about DELIT’s storage media destruction service?
As data security is the main concern in the destruction of storage media, we have created a secure, transparent process that exceeds the requirements of the certification standard. You can track the process steps at any time through our DELPHI customer portal.

We destroy all storage media ourselves on our own premises and do not use subcontractors. All our employees engaged in destroying storage media undergo a security check and special data protection training.

A storage media destruction certificate is not enough for us

We provide absolutely transparent documentation of every destroyed hard drive. It goes without saying that we issue you with a comprehensive certificate with serial number for every storage medium – and we even go a step further: the destruction of every storage medium can be recorded on video, whereby it is not enough for us that the storage media themselves are visible – we also guarantee that the serial numbers can always be read.

Our DELPHI customer portal gives you access to video documentation of the destruction of each storage medium as well as to the certificates verifying professional storage media destruction according to EU-GDPR and the German Data Protection Act.

Sustainability also plays a role in the destruction of storage media

Once storage media have been destroyed, we make sure they are disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. Our environmental management system is certified to ISO 14001 and provides for sustainable recycling that returns as many reusable materials as possible to the materials cycle.

This begins with the shredding procedure. We sort before shredding – storage media such as hard drives, flash drives and tape are destroyed separately to make recycling considerably easier. With respect to recycling itself, we collaborate with Süd-Rec, the leading recycling enterprise with extensive certification. This enables us to adhere to our eco-philosophy even when we resort to destroying storage media, because we know that Süd-Rec also gives top priority to environmental protection.

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